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Three Things I Stopped Paying For

Have I told you I have weird life choices? Here is a short list of things I stopped spending money on with the goal to lessen my environmental impact.
Bottled water

In the Philippines, we have two types of bottled drinking water---the regular bottled water you can buy from the grocery and convenience stores, and the 5 gallon refillable ones.

Most people would probably be okay giving up buying bottled water, but for me, I want to go the extra mile and will give up both.

If you are active on social media, you’ve probably seen a few videos or photographs depicting the various negative impact single use PET plastic bottles does to the environment (like this one or this one), but why include the refillable gallons?

First of all, I am in no way promoting hate for water refilling stations, this is just my personal decision.

I live alone and spend most of my awake time outside and I realize I can do without buying “mineral water”.

Also, there is free water everywhere!

What I do is everyday I c…

10 Things Cancer Has Taught Me

This was something I wrote for exactly four years ago. I’m republishing it here although deep in my heart I’d rather not. I don’t want to be vulnerable on the internet. But hey, maybe a few of you can learn a little bit of wisdom from my 26 year old self to help you go through whatever you are going through right now.

10 Things Cancer Has Taught Me

November last year, I was very excited. It was the 24th birthday of one of my closest friends from college and we plan to have a reunion-ish gathering with another girl friend. I was really looking forward to that day, for we were going to play Kinect on the birthday girl's Xbox.

I love to dance and I haven't tried Kinect yet and everyone I know was talking about it. However, the day before, I got sick with a very high fever. A month before that, I was also sick for almost a week and was even confined to a hospital.

I missed it.

I wasn't able to attend her birthday.

What I didn't realize is that I was going t…

Dessert for your skin: Dulcet Skin by Tanya [Review]

How to be kawaii even in our late twenties? Learn to take good care of our skin!

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately about how my skin have improved (less oiliness, pores have noticeably shrunk, and skin tone more brighter) that people would often ask if I have a “love life” now because I always seem blooming. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but romance has got nothing to do with my transformation. It’s all thanks to Dulcet Skin by Tanya. If you are looking for trustworthy and effective skin care products, read on.

The Beginning…

When Tanya messaged me on Facebook last July 19th offering me to try her products, I was skeptical because I’ve never heard of the brand before. I thought she was selling some shady cosmetics made from China.

After having been diagnosed with cancer, I started to be really cautious with products I use as 60% of what we put on our face and skin gets absorbed by our body and gets on our bloodstream so as much as possible I opt for all-natural and…