Environment-Friendly Alternatives and Where to Find Them

I've been trying to have a zero-waste lifestyle since 2015 and I must say it takes a lot of planning, commitment, discipline, energy, and money. It's exhausting to be honest (I'm not giving up though).

In the Philippines, achieving an "eco-conscious lifestyle", means you either (a) live off the grid (e.g. mountain barangays) and cultivate your own food or (b) you are in a privileged position to be able to have access and/or afford zero waste alternatives.

Since there is no central marketplace where we can acquire all our daily essentials packaging-free, we have to be EXTRA diligent in sourcing these environment-friendly products. Hence, I created this post to serve as a resource. I will be documenting here some items I've tried so you'll know where to get them.

Most of these product recommendations are not 100% zero-waste, but at least we have lesser evil options.


1. Minka Bamboo Toothbrush in Soft-Packaging

Buy 2 for PHP150 pesos through Camp Wellness

MINKA is a Filipino social enterprise offering eco-friendly and sustainable products. They started “The Toothbrush Movement” campaign which aims to encourage everyone to switch to biodegradable toothbrush and use a portion of their revenue to help local communities and charities.

In Cebu, you can get the affordable version of their bamboo toothbrush through Camp Wellness. A disclaimer: I own Camp Wellness :D

2. 100% Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

There are wooden and stainless steel ear pick you can use to clean your ears, but some people just can't give up using cotton buds. I'm one of those people because I suffer from chronic sinusitis infection, which also leads to ear infection :(

Anyway, I found these biodegradable cotton buds in bamboo stick at Yoyoso. The Panda one is PHP99.

3. Bamboo Wet Wipes

I know I've said in a previous blog entry that I stopped buying tissue but, I found myself in situations where I wished I had wet wipes on hand: (a) when we don't have running water for more than 24hours, and (b) when my sinusitis problem gets severe.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon this article featuring the Sanicare Bamboo Wipes.

They are available at SM Supermarket or SM Savemore. The big one (60 sheets) costs PHP87.75 a pack. There is also a travel sized version.

It's a bit pricey compared to imported synthetic wet wipes.

Sanitary Care is a Filipino-owned Christian family-run company dedicated to providing quality hygiene products to the Filipino market. 

4. Shampoo Bars

I'm not 100% SOLD on shampoo bars, but they are quite handy when travelling. There are a lot of zero-waste online shops popping up in Facebook selling shampoo bars, but if you want something you can grab quickly, you can find these Cocobody Shampoo Bars in Kultura at any SM mall.

The bars are wrapped in cling wrap inside, but it's forgivable for now. The Gugo Shampoo bar is PHP109.75 each. The plain shampoo bar is cheaper at PHP 99.75.

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