Dessert for your skin: Dulcet Skin by Tanya [Review]

How to be kawaii even in our late twenties? Learn to take good care of our skin!

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately about how my skin have improved (less oiliness, pores have noticeably shrunk, and skin tone more brighter) that people would often ask if I have a “love life” now because I always seem blooming. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but romance has got nothing to do with my transformation. It’s all thanks to Dulcet Skin by Tanya. If you are looking for trustworthy and effective skin care products, read on.

The Beginning…

When Tanya messaged me on Facebook last July 19th offering me to try her products, I was skeptical because I’ve never heard of the brand before. I thought she was selling some shady cosmetics made from China.

After having been diagnosed with cancer, I started to be really cautious with products I use as 60% of what we put on our face and skin gets absorbed by our body and gets on our bloodstream so as much as possible I opt for all-natural and/or organic products.

I’ve always wanted to have beautiful glowing skin but never took skin care seriously so I thought to myself, “why not give it a try?”

I did some initial research online and discovered Dulcet Skin to have a small but very loyal number of satisfied users and they also claim to be an all-natural brand.

What got me hooked

To make my life easier, I’ve come up with a set of “rules” for myself which I always refer to each time I need to make decisions and one of that is “you buy who you are”. This simply means that the things I purchase should be a reflection of my personal beliefs and values.

I went to Tanya’s place on August 1st and I was really impressed and inspired by her story. In short, she’s not selling shady products from China but her own line of skin care and cosmetics. From ingredients to packaging design, she does them all!

Dulcet Skin is a proudly Pinay brand made with love by a very driven, hands-on dreamer. I’m a sucker for local brands and passionate women entrepreneurs so I was immediately sold. You can learn more about her story in this Sun Star Weekend feature.

Personalized care

Dulcet Skin have a wide selection of products to match not just your skin type and skin problems, but also your personality. If you like instant whitening, they have a product that can give you immediate result. If you like whole body peeling, they also cater to that.

If you are a scardy cat like me who freaks out at the idea of skin peeling, they also have a facial set that does micro-peeling.

When you talk to Tanya, you can really feel her sincerity in helping you with your skin issues. If you have lots of questions and fears, you can freely tell them to her. She does not hard sell her products, instead, she educates. After all my questions were answered, she recommended to me their Skin Revival facial set.

The outcome

Below is a photo taken of me before I learned about Dulcet Skin and the second one is taken a month after I started using the Skin Revival set (August 2016).

As you can see, I have quite a few pimples and there was scarring on my right cheek. After a month of religious skin care regimen, I stopped having breakouts, my pores seemed finer, skin oiliness is more manageable, and my pimple scar was totally gone! It wasn’t easy though because I have a crazy work schedule. Imagine yourself feeling super sleepy and drained after 12 hours of work but still you need to wash your face and apply skin care. That takes commitment and effort people! xD

The real test

One of my greatest fear before trying out Dulcet Skin is what will happen to my face if I stopped the regimen or used other products. I’ve seen a lot of ladies who got facial burns after they stopped using peeling products.

I paused using Dulcet Skin for almost a month now because I got insanely busy but my skin still looks fine. I have another pimple scar though this time on my left cheek but I’m confident it will disappear as soon as I get back to my skin care routine.

Overall, I highly recommend Dulcet Skin for those who want to address their skin problems or for those who simply just want to take better care of their self.

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